Before we get into the management services we provide we would like to emphasize that we are not a booking agency. So if you need only a booker we are not the right partner for you.

The goal of a management service is to relieve the band / artist so that the focus is on the creative process. We will do the rest.

interesting, What’s next?

Of course having a management is a big step. You hand over some tasks you are used to do maybe for years. First of all we will have a (online)meeting where we explore the possibilities and see if we can work together and what tasks you want to hand over.

For what period of time do we commit?

Normally for the period of one year. If during the contract situations change or one of the parties is not happy the way things go, we can always decide to end the agreement.

We have a deal, do we have any control?

When we decide to work together, we represent and guard the interests of the band. This always comes first. That is why we must make clear agreements and we have the freedom to act within the agreements made. So yes, it is and always will be your band. Wayland Management will report to the band and in difficult situations we always present our view on the matter before responding. But we have also freedom to act within our mandate.

are you asking a fee?

Yes we do. We are a company and need to pay the bills. Depending on the tasks we take on, we determine a monthly fee or a yearly fee with a nice discount.

can we make a commission deal?

We got this question a lot. Like getting a commission when we go on tour with the band or get a commission of every gig a band does. The answer is simple, no we don’t do that. Some bands play for such low fees that a commission not even pays for the petrol bill or even for other services we provide.