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Pt78 Records - The Platinum Company

Pt78 Records is a well-known record label that caters to heavy metal enthusiasts of all genres. With a motto of "The Platinum Company", this label is committed to producing top-quality music that truly captures the essence of heavy metal. Their range of artists covers the entire spectrum of heavy metal, from thrash and death metal to black and power metal, and everything in between.

Founded by a team of dedicated music professionals who are passionate about heavy metal, Pt78 Records has quickly established itself as a force to be reckoned with in the industry. The label prides itself on its uncompromising commitment to excellence and the promotion of talented artists who share their vision for the future of heavy metal music. 

Whether you are a die-hard metalhead or simply someone who appreciates the raw power and intensity of heavy metal music, Pt78 Records has something to offer. With a constantly evolving roster of talented musicians and an unwavering dedication to quality, this label is sure to continue making a name for itself as one of the premier heavy metal labels in the industry.

In addition to producing top-quality music, Pt78 Records has also established a strong distribution network to ensure that their artists' music reaches fans around the world. The label has partnered with Sonic Rendezvous, a leading distributor of rock and metal music, to ensure that their releases are available in physical formats across Europe, North America, and beyond. This partnership has allowed Pt78 Records to expand its reach and establish a strong presence in the global metal scene.

Furthermore, Pt78 Records has also made its music available to stream on popular platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer through their partnership with Fuga, a music distribution and marketing platform. This has made it easier for metal fans to access and discover new music from Pt78 Records' roster of talented artists.

By partnering with strong distributors and streaming partners, Pt78 Records has demonstrated its commitment to making its music available to fans everywhere, regardless of geographic location or preferred listening format. This has helped the label build a strong and dedicated fan base and establish itself as a major player in the metal music industry.

Why do we need a record label?

Well, it's kind of like why a fish needs water - sure, you can survive without it, but it's gonna be a whole lot tougher.

Think of a record label as your own personal cheerleading squad. They're the ones who are gonna help you get your music out there, make sure people hear your tunes, and hopefully make you some money in the process. And let's be real, who doesn't love money?

Sure, you could try to do it all on your own, but it's kind of like trying to climb Mount Everest with no gear. It's gonna be a lot harder, a lot less fun, and you'll probably end up falling off the mountain (metaphorically speaking, of course). A good record label will help you with everything from recording and producing your music to marketing and distribution.

They'll use their industry connections to get your music on the radio, in stores, and streaming on every platform known to man. Plus, having a record label means you've got a whole team of people working for you. You can focus on making great music while they handle the business side of things. And let's face it, nobody wants to deal with the boring stuff like contracts and royalties.

So why do you need a record label? Because they're like the Batman to your Robin, the peanut butter to your jelly, the Mick Jagger to your Keith Richards. They're the missing piece of the puzzle that will help you take your music career to the next level.

What about our copyright and other legal stuff?

We're like that chill friend who never tries to control your life, but still supports you through everything. We won't be taking control over the rights of your music, because that's your baby! We respect your artistry and your vision, and we want to help you share it with the world.

That being said, we do have to put some legalese in the contract. During the contract period, we'll have the publishing rights over the production - but that's just so we can make sure everything is properly licensed and distributed. We won't be claiming ownership over your music or making any crazy demands.

We're not some evil empire trying to take over the world (although we do have some killer jams that could probably take over the airwaves). We're just a bunch of music lovers who want to help you succeed. So don't worry, your rights are safe with us. We'll just be jamming along with you, cheering you on from the sidelines.