Have your band covered. Wayland will handle all management issues so you can make music.

Tour management

Get your tour professionally managed and make use of our professional tour managers.

Contracts and bookings

Have all your bookings handled with a proper contract, riders and invoicing.


Get help with tax and legal issues, music rights, contracts and other music related business.

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When you are convinced that management might be a good idea for your band you can contact us. However there are some basic things we would like to mention beforehand. A management is not a booking company. Yes we can help finding gigs, and yes we have great contacts but it is not our core business.  

We are a professional company. So we charge a fee for our time. We can work out a suitable plan for your band but we are not working for free and certainly not on commission basis. 

The main important thing is that we represent you. This means that we always put your interests first. 

If you see the extra value of what a management can do for you as an artist or a band, come and visit us or we can do a Skype call. We also understand that it can be a scary step to hand over some responsibilities to a third party. There will need to be trust and common understanding about the way you want to go and what is feasable. When we come to an agreement we will draw up a plan/agreement to assist you. In this plan we will state exactly what we will do for you, what our goals are and what fee we will charge you.

Don't worry, you will find us affordable for the work we will do.


Wayland Management will be one of the delagetes at:

Eurosonic Noorderslag - Groningen 2019



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