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Welcome to Wayland Management and Pt78 Records!

Hello there, adventurous souls and music lovers! We see that our car ad has sparked your curiosity. Maybe you were stuck in traffic and thought, "What's up with that cool name?" Well, welcome to the start of something special!

Here at Wayland Management and Pt78 Records, we have everything you need to make your musical dreams come true. Whether you're a solo artist who still hears the sound of your first acoustic guitar in your bedroom, or a band already filling stadiums (or at least your parents' garage), we're here to help.

For us, it's all about music, creativity, and a touch of madness. We're proud to help artists on their journey to the top – and sometimes back down again for a rethinking and a strong comeback!

So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and discover what we can do for you. And if you want to give us a call, feel free to ask for our mascot, the always helpful and imaginary "Mr. Wayland" – he never picks up the phone, but let's keep that between us.

Welcome to Wayland Management and Pt78 Records. Let's make something fantastic together!

Rock on! 🚀🎸

Best regards,

The Wayland Management and Pt78 Records Team